50×40 house plans

50×40 house plans 

In this article, we will share a 50×40 house plans. This is a modern 3bhk ground floor plan and the total built-up area of this plan is 2,000 square feet.

Plot Area 2,000 sqft

Width 50 ft

Length 40 ft

Building Type Residential

Style Ground Floor

The estimated cost of construction is Rs. 14,50,000 – 16,50,000

Plan Highlights:

Parking: 12’0″ x 20’8″
Drawing Room: 11’8″ x 21’4″
Kitchen: 14’8″ x 14’4″
Bedroom 1: 12’0″ x 12’0″
Bedroom 2: 12’0″ x 14’4″
3 Bedroom: 12’0″ x 12’0″
Bathroom 1: 5’8″ x 6’4″
Bathroom 2: 6’0″ x 6’4″
3 Bathroom: 8’8″ x 5’0″
Bath W.C 2: 5’0″ x 3’8″

Building a 50 40 house plan can be a cost-effective choice. The smaller footprint requires fewer building materials and reduces construction time, translating into potential savings on both upfront and ongoing expenses.

One advantage of this house plan is its adaptability to different lifestyle needs. Whether you are a small family, a couple or an individual, this plan can meet your needs.

50 40 house design

The 50 40 house design offers a new solution for those looking for a comfortable and compact living space. This house plan consists of a parking area, lawn, a living room, a kitchen cum dining area and 3 bedrooms with attached washrooms.

50x40 house plans

At the entrance of the plan there is a parking area and a lawn where you can park your vehicles and in the lawn do some gardening and grow vegetables at home.

Then as we go inside there is a house there is a living area where you can place a sofa set and do some other sitting arrangements and make a tv cabinet.

On moving onwards there is a kitchen cum dining area, the kitchen is a modular kitchen with every kind of modern fittings and facilities.

Now there are two bedrooms in this house plan and in both of the rooms you can place a double bed and make a wardrobe for storage. Only one of the has an attached washroom, the other one is a common bedroom.


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