45×35 house plans

45×35 house plans

In this article, we will share a 45×35 house plans. This is a modern 2bhk ground floor plan and the total built-up area of this plan is 1,575 square feet.

Plot Area 1,575 sqft

Width 45 ft

Length 35 ft

Building Type Residential

Style Ground Floor

The estimated cost of construction is Rs. 14,50,000 – 16,50,000

Plan Highlights:

Parking: 18’4″ x 15’0″
Drawing Room: 14’8″ x 12’8″
Kitchen: 11’10″ x 18’4″
Bedroom 1: 12’10″ x 12’0″
Bedroom 2: 12’10″ x 12’8″
Bathroom 1: 6’8″ x 5’0″
Bathroom 2: 7’0″ x 5’0″
Bath W.C 2: 5’0″ x 3’8″

This house plan provides an ideal foundation for creating a home that reflects your personal style and meets the needs of your family.

45x35 house plans

45 35 house plan 

This 45 feet by 35 feet house plan is a modern 2bhk house plan and this plan consists of a parking area, lawn area, a drawing room, kitchen and 2 bedrooms and for storage there is a store room.

For elevating the look of this plan there are many options available in the market like interior decoration exterior decoration and front elevation so many. You can opt for anyone of them and enhance the overall look this plan.

Now lets see the advantages and features of this plan. At the entrance of the plan there is a porch or a parking area where you can park vehicles and the staircase is also provided in this area.

Then there is a kitchen cum dining area which has every modern fixtures and facilities and fir storage there are cabinets and drawers and the dining area is connected to the kitchen. The store room is next to the kitchen.

Now there are two bedrooms in this house plan and each of the bedroom has an attached washroom and every modern facility. In both of the rooms you can place a double bed and make wardrobe for keeping clothes and other stuffs.


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