40 x 30 house plan

40 x 30 house plan 

In this article, we will share a 40 x 30 house plan. This is a modern 2bhk ground floor plan and the total built-up area of this plan is 1,200 square feet.

Plot Area 1,200 sqft

Width 40 ft

Length 30 ft

Building Type Residential

Style Ground Floor

The estimated cost of construction is Rs. 14,50,000 – 16,50,000

Plan Highlights:

Parking: 12’0″ x 14’4″
Drawing Room: 14’0″ x 18’0″
Kitchen: 12’0″ x 9’8″
Bedroom 1: 12’0″ x 10’0″
Bedroom 2: 12’0″ x 13’8″
Bathroom 1: 8’8″ x 4’8″
Bathroom 2: 8’0″ x 4’0″
Wash area: 5’0″ x 3’8″

When it comes to architectural design, the 40×30 house plan stands as a testament to creativity and ingenuity in making the most of limited space.

40 x 30 house plan

The 40×30 house plan captivates with its thoughtful and efficient use of space. Every room within its modest dimensions is meticulously designed to optimize functionality.

40 feet by 30 feet house plans 

This is a 40 feet by 30 feet modern 2bhk house plan with every kind of modern fittings and facilities.

This is a 40 feet by 30 feet modern 2bhk house plan with every kind of modern fittings and facilities. In this plan, there are 2 bedrooms, a big parking area, and a modular kitchen.

When we enter into the plan at first there is a parking area where you can park your vehicles and plant some trees. And the staircase is also provided here.

Incorporating sustainable features ensures an eco-friendly design while incorporating smart home technology adds convenience and efficiency.

40 feet by 30 feet house plans

The house plan ideally balances form and function, providing a harmonious environment that embraces contemporary design principles.

On moving onwards there is a living area, for sitting you can place a sofa set and a couch and make a tv cabinet. Then there is a kitchen with modern fixtures like cabinets and drawers and a attached wash area.

Each bedroom of this plan has an attached washroom and the rooms are very spacious you can easily place a double bed and make a wall mounted wardrobe for storage.


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