36×36 house plan east facing

36×36 house plan east facing 2 bedrooms with car parking

In this article, we will discuss a 36×36 house plan east facing. This layout includes a porch, two bedrooms, a kitchen, a pantry, and a shared bathroom.

There is a parking area/porch measuring 10’8″ x 16’8″ at the beginning of the plan. An area of 11’4″ x 23’4″ can be used as a drawing room where furniture such as a couch set, a table, and a wall-mounted television bureau can be placed.

Moving on, there is a modern kitchen measuring 10’8″ x 13’0″ that can be equipped with anything you like, including a fireplace and a water purifier. A storeroom measuring 10’8″ x 4’8″ is also provided in which you can store your important items like wheat, rice, pulses, etc. The first room is 12’0″ x 12’0″ in size and has a wardrobe, an attached 8’8″ x 4’0″ bathroom, and space for a double bed.

36x36 house plan east facing

The second room measures 12’0″ x 13’8″, and in this room, you can place a bed and make a closet to keep your items. Additionally, a common bathroom measuring 8’8″ x 4’0″ is available.

The rooms in this modern, fully furnished home are the same size, and there is an open area before the arrangement where you can conduct gardening.

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