36 x 30 house plans

36 x 30 house plans with 2 bedrooms

In this article, we will share a house plan which is implied to have an area of 36 x 30 house plans. This plan includes a porch, 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, a storeroom, and a common washroom. The plan starts with a parking area/porch measuring 10’4″ x 15’4″.

There is a drawing room of size 12’8″ x 18’0″ where you can place a couch set, a table, and a wall-mounted television bureau.

36 x 30 house plans

Moving on, there is a modern kitchen of size 10’4″ x 13’4″ where you can install a fireplace, water purifier, and anything else you desire.

The first room measures 14’4″ x 11’8″ and includes space for a double bed, a closet, and an attached washroom of size 8’0″ x 4’4″.

The second room is 11’0″ x 11’8″ and includes space for a bed and a closet for storing your belongings. There is also a common washroom of size 7’0″ x 4’0″.

This is a modern and fully furnished house plan with rooms of the same size. In front of the arrangement, there is an open area where you can do gardening.

36×36 house plan east facing

This is a modern east-facing house plan with a built-up area of 1080 sqft, measuring 36 x 30 house plan in size. The plan includes 2 bedrooms, 1 living room, 2 toilets, a kitchen, and other amenities.

This is a residential house plan with a plot area of 1080 sqft, measuring 36 x 30 in size, and designed as a ground-floor building. The estimated cost of construction for this plan is between Rs. 12,50,000 – 15,50,000.

30×25 Floor Plan

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