28×40 house plans

28×40 house plans with 3 bedrooms

In today’s article, we will share a 28×40 house plans. The total built-up area of this plan is 1,120 sqft, and it includes a porch, a living area, a kitchen, two bedrooms with attached washrooms, and a wash area.

The plot area is 1,120 sqft, with a width of 28ft and a length of 40ft. The building type is residential, and the style is ground floor. The estimated cost of construction is Rs. 14,50,000 – 16,50,000.

Plan highlights:

Parking: 10’0″ x 13’8″

Living room: 16’4″ x 13’4″

Kitchen: 10’0″ x 9’8″

Bedroom 1: 12’8″ x 10’8″

Bedroom 2: 10’0″ x 10’8″

Bathroom 1: 4’0″ x 7’4″

Bathroom 2: 8’8″ x 4’4″

Wash area: 6’8″ x 4’4″

28x40 house plans

In the beginning, there is a porch/parking area of size 10’0″ x 13’8″ where you can park your vehicles and do gardening. A staircase is also built in this area.

A living room of size 16’4″ x 13’4″ is included, where you can place a sofa set, couch, TV, and whatever else you want.

A modular kitchen of size 10’0″ x 9’8″ is included, with all kinds of modern fittings available. A wash area of size 6’8″ x 4’4″ is also included.

There are two bedrooms in this plan. The size of the first room is 12’8″ x 10’8″, and an attached washroom of size 4’0″ x 7’4″ is also built.

The size of the second room is 10’0″ x 10’8″, and the size of the attached washroom is 8’8″ x 4’4″. In these rooms, you can place a bed, dressing table, and wardrobe for storage.

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