27×33 house plan

27×33 house plan with car parking

The built-up area of this 27×33 house plan is 891 sqft with a length and breadth of 27 and 33, respectively. The plan features 1 bedroom, a living area, a parking area, and a modular kitchen.

The plan highlights include:

Parking: 9’0″ x 10’10”

Drawing Room: 10’0″ x 15’2″

Kitchen: 10’0″ x 10’0″

Bedroom 1: 10’0″ x 11’0″

Bathroom 1: 5’0″ x 7’8″

Wash area: 6’4″ x 4’0″

At the entrance, there is a parking area with a size of 10’0″ x 15’0″ where you can park your vehicles such as cars, bikes, bicycles, and more.

The drawing room has a size of 15’4″ x 14’0″ where you can install a wall-mounted TV cabinet and place furniture such as a sofa set, couch, center table, and others.

27x33 house plan

The modular kitchen is built with a size of 10’0″ x 10’0″ and has an attached open area where you can perform extra work.

There is also a bedroom with a size 10’0″ x 14’4″ that features an attached washroom of size 5’0″ x 7’0″. In this room, you can place a double bed, and dressing table, and install a wall-mounted wardrobe.

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