15 55 house plan

15 55 house plan

In this article, we will share a 15 55 house plan. It is a 2bhk modern open-concept house plan and the total built-up area of this plan is 825 square feet.

Plot Area 825 sqft

Width 15 ft

Length 55 ft

Building Type Residential

Style Ground Floor

The estimated cost of construction is Rs. 14,50,000 – 16,50,000

Plan Highlights:

Parking: 10’8″ x 11’8″
Drawing Room: 13’8″ x 12’0″
Kitchen: 6’0″ x 10’0″
Bedroom 1: 10’4″ x 14’4″
Bedroom 2: 10’0″ x 9’4″
Bathroom 1: 3’8″ x 7’0″
Bathroom 2: 3’8″ x 6’8″
Wash area : 3’8″ x 6’0″

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15x55 house plan

15×55 house plan

This is a 15×55 house plan 2bhk modern house plan. This plan has a parking area, a living room, a kitchen and a master bedroom with an attached washroom.

At the start of the plan there is a quite big parking area where you can park your car, and motorcycle. The staircase is also provided in this area and you can also plant some trees in pots and place them in this area.

Then there is a living room where you can place a couch, sofa set and other things according to your liking and you can also opt for interior and exterior decoration of this area because it is a main area of your house.

Now a open kitchen with modular fittings, it’s a modular kitchen with modern fittings and facility. For storage purpose there are cabinets and drawers where you can keep daily essentials and other stuffs.

And at the end of the plan there is a master bedroom with an attached washroom and a walk in closet. In this room you can place a double bed and a wardrobe.


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